Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hurt Healer Thoughts Part 3

Well it's been a while since I posted any thought upon HH. I have still been reading and learning from it though. So many things from this book speak to me so I'll just throw out my ideas since reading almost all of this book so far. I love people and I want to reach out to them, as I've stated before, but going through with that desire can be a hard thing. It requires sacrifice of time, energy, money and that can be so hard for me cause, well I'll just say it, I like my time, money, and energy for myself. But the outcome of helping someone with a hurting heart is so overwhelmingly satisfying. When I think about how when I reach out, I could be saving someone from the fires of Hell, I could just cry for all the times I have failed to do so. For all the times I have been too afraid. For all the times I haven't depended upon God for everything. It sickens me. However when I do reach out, I could just cry from the joy of making a difference. I know that I am forgiven for those bad times and that God lets me get up from those mistakes and keep going. Keep healing. He is so powerful, yet so merciful. He has given us the very thing that we are nothing without. He has given us life.What we do with that life. Who we touch. How we love. Where we go. Why we give. All of it should be to His glory. And I can say, unfortunately, that I have been far too guilty of losing focus of Him completely. Of getting away from His glory and running after my own. Of trying to use my music to show off how great I think I am. I want God to humble me and make me willing to show God's healing love wherever I go, whenever I go. No matter what. So dear reader, whoever you are, please pray for me to have the strength and compassion to do that. Pernah Berhenti Cinta. Never Stop Loving. 

Dear heavenly and mighty father, thank you for your overwhelming love for all mankind. Thank you for your overpowering grace to us. Help me Lord, to become even more of a Hurt Healer through my actions, words, and music. I pray this prayer over and over but I still mean it. I want to want you God. I want to show people you, through me. Help me to do that God. Help me to show LOVE. Help me to not think of myself, but think of others and what I can do to push them closer to you God. 
In Jesus' holy name,

Romans 4:7

P.S. I guess those weren't really thoughts on Hurt Healer, but thoughts inspired by Hurt Healer. Haha. Hope that you are inspired through this blog, reader.


  1. Hi Reece, So much to think about in what you are writing. Keep writing, I love to read your thoughts. Martha

  2. Those are some awesome words Reece.