Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hurt Healer Thoughts Pt. 2

"As I look around me, I am crushed by the bitterness I see in the hearts of Christians toward abortion doctors, homosexuals, thieves, murderers, liars, druggies, whores, politicians, business competitors, other denominations, the list goes on and on."

That's a quote from Hurt Healer that I read last night that really struck me. We, as Christians in general, have so much anger, hatred, and bitterness against people who live lives of sin, or who don't follow our rules. We don't take the time to look in ourselves and see that we are the same. The ONLY difference in most of us is that we have accepted God into our hearts and received forgiveness from him. I'm not saying that all Christians are like that because they aren't, but I believe a majority of them in this day and age are. I certainly am guilty of it myself sometimes. I hear or see about that person that does this and that and I think that I'm glad I don't do that, while turning around and sinning as well. We can't call ourselves Christians and walk around judging people for doing the same things we do. We act as if our God is some excuse for acting as if we don't have him in our hearts. "It's okay, God will forgive me." We need to stop saying we are Christians and start acting like it. When we act like everyone else and call ourselves Christians, we don't show Jesus to the people around us. We don't show an example to our broken, hurting, and decimated world. My desire this year is to start showing God more, not only through my talk but also through my actions, and to not be such a hypocrite.

Dear God, thank you for being the ultimate Hurt Healer by letting your creations beat, and murder your son in the name of undying love and forgiveness for those who most of the time don't even think about you. Please let me become more like you, and help me to not judge the people around me who simply need someone to show them your love. I want to reach out to them and become a Hurt Healer. Help me to be more REAL. I want to be a true to life imitation of you God. Give me the strength to say that I mess up and that I need forgiveness just as much as everyone else. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Romans 4:7

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