Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hurt Healer Thoughts Pt. 1

Hurt Healer is the book by Tony Nolan that I'm currently reading. It's all about our duty to as Christians to be hurt healers to a broken world. A world entrapped by sin. During the whole book so far he has been centered around the story of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan or, as Nolan has named him, the Hurt Healer, gave a lot to care for this one man. A man that he would have every reason to hate. But he chose to show love, compassion, and care to that man. Now I have a lot of trouble with doubting myself. I find myself in stuations where I think to myself "I think I can help" or "I think I know the answer" but then begin to think about all the stuff that could go wrong. What if I'm wrong? I would feel humiliated. And that prospect can stop me from reaching out to people in need. People who I can tell are hurting, but I'm too afraid to face humiliation, or rejection. I don't want to be like that anymore though. I want to be a Hurt Healer myself. In my daily life, in my music. I want to show God to the people around me without fear. So pray for me reader. So that I may help others see Jesus in me everyday.

Dear father, help me to not fear what others think. Help me to show your undying love to all those around me. Open my eyes to the pain in this world so I may reach out to others. Make me a Hurt Healer in your work. In Jesus' holy name, amen.

Romans 4:7

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